About us

Who are we? We are a group of family physicians, nurses, psychologists and health technicians from different parts of Spain. We belong togroup of Health Education and Health Promotion PAPPS ( Program of Preventive Activities and Health Promotion of the semFYC Spanish Society of Family Medicine and Community.

Group meeting in Madrid in June 2015

Are members of health education and health promotion group:
Cordoba Rodrigo Garcia. Coordinator.
Carmen Cabezas Peña
Camarelles Francisco Guillem
Juana Gomez Bridge
Maria Jimenez Muñoz
Asensio López Santiago
Carlos Martin Cantera
Elena Muñoz Seco
Bibiana Navarro
José Ignacio Ramirez Manent
San José Joaquín Arango
We are interested in all topics related to health education, within the framework of prevention and health promotion.

What can you find in this blog? A review of the articles, alerts, documents, etc. related health education and which may be of interest to primary care professionals. To do this periodically reviewed some of the magazines, books and more relevant in this area web pages. We discussed issues related to the consumption of alcohol, snuff, physical activity, diet and nutrition, communication, methodology of health education, traffic accidents, HIV infection, and disease prevention with promotion of healthy lifestyles. Fernando Marques always in our memory